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The College Ministry at Epworth UMC is for all college students (guys and girls). We meet three times a week on a regular basis: Sunday morning at 9:45am we gather for corporate worship and 11am for Bible teaching, Sunday evening at 7:30pm for food, fellowship, and ministry teams and Wednesday night at 6pm for a joint worship service with the student ministry. The college group also hosts monthly socials and seasonal retreats.

Program Overview for College Students


Sunday Morning Worship: Is a weekly meeting designed to INTRODUCE students to Christ. If a student comes for the first time, they will leave learning some biblical truth about Jesus, and will have an opportunity to respond to what they have heard. In addition to applying biblical truths into their everyday life, regular attending students are encouraged to invite their friends. Purpose: WORSHIP (Sunday Morning 9:45am)

Sunday School: is a bible study designed to bring students together for study, prayer, accountability, to build FRIENDSHIPS, and sharing life experiences together. Purpose: DISCIPLESHIP (Sunday Morning 11:00am)

Small Groups (Crosseyed): Is a weekly meeting intended to teach the Bible and personalize Christian fellowship and growth. Purpose: DISCIPLESHIP (Sunday Night 7:30pn-8:30pm)

Worship Service: Is a weekly meeting designed to INTRODUCE non-believing students to Christ. A typical night will consist of high-energy competitions, wild and crazy videos, meaningful worship, and a challenging message. Students are encouraged to bring friends. Purpose: EVANGELISM (Wednesday Night 6:00pm-8:00pm)

Worship Team: The worship team challenges committed believers to discover their ability to SERVE either vocally, musical instruments or through media. Students help lead their peers, and set the tone for God-exalting worship. Purpose: MINISTRY

Ministry Team: Selected students who demonstrate leadership ability will be invited to SERVE on the student ministry team. Students will commit to serving their peers, using their gifts in ministry, and learn how to have a presence on their college campus. The student ministry team requires a high priority and commitment level in time, character, and leadership. Qualifications for this team include spiritual maturity, a willingness to commit and serve in a ministry, and a non-negotiable monthly meeting. Purpose: MINISTRY

Mission Trip: Students will be exposed to missions on yearly basis to help them GROW in their faith. Mission trip team members require a high priority and commitment level to their team. Through serving others, students will be challenged to a stronger faith commitment in their own life. Purpose: MINISTRY

Ski Trip: A winter weekend designed to provide a growth experience with God and friends. Purpose: FELLOWSHIP


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